Wearing a Lanyard on a Cruise Ship

CI4SUBL_rgI have been wearing a Lanyard on cruises since I started cruising. Everyday I carry I swear a 30 pound purse. This is my only week of Freedom!! I started this before the cruise ships caught on to the idea. Now you can purchase one on pretty much every line. I know on Disney they give them out if your a Castaway member.

When your on a cruise you don’t need your wallet or purse. Pretty much everything you do requires your card for a purchase and some casinos use them as well. Almost all Casino’s will let you get cash for a fee. Some people will wear them as well due to status. Yes your Cruise Card tell the staff how many times you have sailed with them. So for example I am Diamond on Royal Caribbean. I always get a welcome home from a few of the staff which makes you feel special.The lanyard comes in great for kids as well! I would say for 8 or older it works well for so they don’t lose the card.

I know some suites guests may not like them since its says suite.  I do use my purse or tote bag at the ports. This lanyard I just ordered for my customers!! It’s probably the best one I have seen! I can’t wait till they show up!!