Halloween on a Cruise Ship


I just got back from a 4 night cruise on board the Golden Princess. How could you beat a 4 night cruise for $199 per person plus tax. Sign me up! My daughter just turned three which is the preferred age to travel on cruises with kids. She has been cruising since 6 months old but now she is eligible for the children activities!! I will admit the best part of a cruise is a little mommy me time :)  I have been on other holiday sailings but never Halloween! My family was cruising as well so we had a total of 9.



I am only reviewing Halloween since you can’t find to much info on this. It is up to each ships Captain if they choose to do Halloween Events. We called Princess and they said they did not know if anything would be going on. We all brought costumes just in case.


The ship was decorated in most of the Venues. They had over 20 pumpkins in the atrium alone!  At 3:00 they had a Costume Event for the children. It was packed with family members and just anyone who wanted to see the kiddos dressed.They talked to every child and asked them their name and who they were dressed as for Halloween. Some kids had no costume but it looked liked the children’s dept did what they could to make them a pirate. I also noticed Parents buying what they could in Ensenada so clearly some thought there was nothing going on.  After the event they took the children on a Trick or Treat adventure to shops on the ship. They provided the trick or treat bag and it was pretty full. Adults on the ship were also giving out candy! Many were in the Halloween Spirit! My daughter would go up to witches and try to melt them. The first one she actually tried to find a glass of water which gave the witch a frighten look. Once we went with pretend water all the witches were on board!



The night event was a Halloween Party! They had a costume party which had around 100 participated. This was a family vacation and to see even my parents dressed up was priceless!! They offered professional Photo’s for $24.99 which of course I bought it! I will probably never seen my mother dress as Glinda the Witch again.



By the way my husband and fathers favorite photo was with the nurses. They keep telling everyone they had a heart problem on the ship and needed medial attention.


I hope you all had a great Halloween!!


P.S. our next big sale is Black Friday. Don’t tell anyone I told you ahead of time :)