Wendy Montebello loves to travel, but her reasons for making a career of it run much deeper. Travel is a big part of her family’s story. As a little girl, she would visit her Grandma’s agency and lose herself in playing pretend—she would make fake tickets, fix tea, and check out all the brochures. But it wasn’t until her brother died in an automobile accident that she decided to follow her dreams.Her family had made the space for a family vacation, and it turned out that it was the last time she would see him.


As a third-generation travel agent, Wendy gets to help people create lifetime of memories. In her seven years with Cruises, Inc., a few of her clients have passed away, and she knows their families cherish the time they got together during those trips. “Vacations are better than a big house or fancy car,” says Wendy. “We need them in our lives.”


To say that Wendy loves cruises would be an understatement. She’s been on over 30 in the last 10 years—Princess, Carnival, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, andDisney. She and her family are season passholders at Disneyland and belong to the Disney Vacation Club at Sarratoga Springs at Walt Disney World.She even got married onboard the Carnival Spirit—she and her husband Bill were married on their 10th cruise together! Now they are both travel agents, and they just took their three-year-old daughter on her first Disney Cruise!


Since Wendy can’t always be on a cruise, the next best thing is to plan them for others. She’s looking forward to using her expertise to help you create the trip of your dreams. To find out more, search for WendyinOC on cruise message boards, or visit her website at